20,000 Miles of Impaired Rivers in Pennsylvania

Contaminants of Concern:  20k Miles of Impaired Rivers in Pennsylvania, Neurotoxin in Antarctic Sea

Today’s article is actually two articles because, although short, they contain information that affects many.  Here is the first and it’s not good news:

“All 347 miles of the Susquehanna River were listed as impaired for fish consumption, and a four-mile stretch of the river was labeled impaired for recreation use.”…….and:

“Almost 20k miles of Pennsylvania rivers labeled impaired in a new report.”

This unfortunate information is from a report by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental protection (DEP) released in its 2016 Integrated Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment Report.

The report identified 19,000 miles of the state’s rivers as impaired for at least one of its uses.

Rivers’ water quality is examined for acceptability of four uses;

  • water supply
  • Aquatic life
  • Recreation, and
  • Fish consumption

All 347 miles of the Susquehanna River were listed as impaired for fish consumption, and a four mile stretch of the river was listed as impaired for recreation use.

In addition, 1,665 miles of the Susquehanna’s tributaries were listed as impaired, including Condodoguinet Creek, Swatara Creekand Conestoga Creek, whichj were all impaired for both recreation and aquatic life.

In response to this report (and the last Integrated Report in 2014), DEP increased monitoring of the Susquehanna River and created advanced analytic protocols new to large river system study.

The entirety of the information in this article can be read in watertechonline.com.  It is a great site for staying current on water contamination issues around the U.S.

Again, I try to find information in the news and other sources reporting serious issues of drinking water contamination that may affect you wherever you may live in the U.S.  So, come back often and become better informed about these serious issues of human health.

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