Bottle Water – A Scam?

Bottled Water; A Scam?

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I came across this article I thought many might be interested in if you are wondering what is going on with the bottled drinking water resurgence.

The article was originally published by “Business Insider” on May 3, 2017 and authored by Erin Brodwin.

“Across the globe, people drink roughly 10% more bottled water every year, but Americans continue to consume more packaged water than people in other countries do.

More bottled water than beer or milk and last year, for the first time, Americans drank more bottled water than soda.

The average cost of bottled water is 1.22 per gallon – We spent 300 times more on bottled water than tap water….maybe even higher, since most sales are for single bottles.

Soda companies are aware of the lucrative bottled water industry and have jumped in.  Coca Cola with Dasani; and now Pepsi with Lifewtr.  There are others.

Bottled water is not better for you than tap water as almost on half of all bottled water is actually from tap water.

Tap water is tested more frequently for quality and contamination than bottled water.

Still, the quality of tap water can vary considerably, based on where you live.  You should read your annual “Water Quality Report.”

But, if you get you water from a private well, (15 million households) the EPA does not monitor the private wells.

The recent resurgence in bottled water’s popularity may be due to rising concerns about purity of tap water.

A Gallup poll showed 63% of Americans are worried a great deal about pollution in drinking water; the highest since 2001.

Most cannot tell the difference in taste.

32-54 million barrels of oil are need to produce the bottled water consumed in 2007.

It also takes more water to make a bottle of water than it does tos fill the bottle; 1.39 liters to make 1 liter.”

Once again, I report this information only as information for your consideration.

Personally, I prefer filtered tap water over bottled water from any source.  I scour the information and provide it to you to make your own decision.

I cannot say I do not have an agenda, as I believe bottled water has problems for all of us on many fronts.  I have reported and opined about bottled water many times and will probably say more on the subject in the future..

Study the issues and then you decide.  i will try to persuade you toward filtered tap water.

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