Drinking Water Filters and You

Americans spend millions of dollars each year on home water treatment units.  According to the Water Quality Association, more than 4 of 10 Americans use a home water treatment unit of one kind or another.  The units range from simple pitcher pour through units costing about $20.00 to sophisticated reverse osmosis costing hundreds of dollars.

Competition in the water treatment industry is increasing as more and more people see the benefits of filtering their drinking water.  Some of these systems are not just sophisticated, but intricate and fancy, while not as effective of some of the systems that have been around for a while and are very efficient and effective.

Some systems mostly improve the taste of tap water.  Others target contaminants and health concerns.

Drinking water provided by the more than 50,000 water treatment plants in the U.S., un filtered at the home can reasonably be expected to contain at least small amounts of contaminants.  As long as these contaminants are at levels no higher than EPA standards, the water is considered safe to drink for healthy people.

That is good as long as the “safe” levels are not exceeded or people with severely weakened immune systems, or other specific health conditions, or those concerned about specific contaminants are consuming the water.

Those people may wish to treat their drinking water at home or purchase high quality drinking water.

Of course, the quality water you may be receiving from the public supplier may be affected by unforeseen problems, either, before treatment, at the treatment plant or in the home.

Many things can and do go wrong.  Just ask the people living in Flint, Michigan when their publicly supplied water was contaminated with lead, and the situation exacerbated when officials covered up the situation and the problem lingered longer than necessary. injuring children and some others.

If you are considering a home water treatment system, as recommended by scientists and health officials, make certain your filter removes or reduces lead contamination, and the widest range of contaminants.

Such filters are available.  I have one that is as, or more effective and efficient as any on the market.  This filter also does not cost a lot of money, is simple to install below the kitchen counter or counter top.

This great filter is manufactured by Multipure International at Las Vegas, Nevada in the U.S.

You can see all the models and prices of these filters at my Multipure website:  www.multipureusa.com/dsloan

Please feel free to email me at my email address on that website.

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Thanks for your interest in providing the safest, cleanest drinking water for your family.

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