Hi, my name is Don Sloan.

I am here because I am passionate about helping as many people as I can, know they can and are getting the safest and cleanest drinking water at their kitchen sink. I know I can help you.

I have come to learn that many people, (maybe you are one, I used to be) have drinking water in your home that either;

(1) doesn’t taste good,

(2) looks a little murky,

(3) you are not sure just how clean and safe your water is. You may be wondering what may be lurking in your drinking water.

My Story

I am a retired FBI Agent.

One of my investigative responsibilities, for a time, was to investigate and prosecute violations of the Clean Water Act. I learned a lot about our water supply, contaminants, just how dangerous some are, and often how difficult it is to clean the water before it comes to our kitchen faucet.

I will explain much more about this in posts on this blog you have found.

I know what it is like living in an area where the water, as it comes from my faucet, tastes awful. When water tastes bad, you can’t help wondering why. What makes the water coming from my water utility taste so bad?

I expanded my investigation and what I learned surprised me will surprise you and caused me to make some very simple changes quick.

My drinking water is now as safe and clean as it can be, and tastes great.

I don’t have to rely on costly bottled water, insufficient refrigerator or faucet filters, and it was inexpensive and saves me hundreds, or even thousands over bottled water and expensive filtration systems.

I learned that although the U.S. has come a long way in cleaning our drinking water supplies and delivering a great water product to our homes, there are still serious issues.

My Mission

This is my passion.  Every day I read about people, families in the U.S. that are adversely affected, sickened, and suffer from the effects of contaminated drinking water.  You have probably heard of the drinking water contamination issue recently in Flint, Michigan.  Well, there are many other similar incidents happening all too often all over the country, possibly even where you live.

I read about these incidents and realize there are many who are not aware of the potential dangers.  I believe I have found the best solution for my family, and now I want to give you the information that will help you see options available to you.

That’s why I am here; to help you to know and be confident you are getting the safe, clean drinking water your family deserves. I consider this my mission.

Let’s protect our families.

The Solution

I found a solution that lets me be confident of my drinking water. It wasn’t always that way. I worried that there may be something in our family drinking water that could harm us, especially young children. I now feel confident I am taking responsibility and my family has safe clean water.

I even have inexpensive portable systems that I can use camping or anywhere that easily will clean lake or stream water and make it safe and good to drink.

I want you to be confident too, that your family is getting the best water they can drink, just like I did; and it’s not from bottled water.

I want to share this solution with you. Hope you come along for the ride.

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