If You Are Re-Using a Plastic Water Bottle – Stop

Good Morning Everyone,

Much has been written (a lot of it by me) about the wisdom of purchasing and consuming bottled water.

I know, I have written quite a lot about bottled water.  I thought I would give it a rest for a while, but when I saw this article, I really wanted you to know about it with a few of my own comments..

If you do choose to consume bottled water here are a few facts and some advice before you do:

First know that all bottled water is not equal.  Most is  nothing more than filtered tap water.  Some just address taste and clarity, and very few remove, or reduce to safe levels, contaminants that may be hiding there.

I have also addressed the issue of the plastic bottles and some of the problems they pose in cost, the environment, the inconvenience in handling and disposal of the bottles.

I recently read an article in Cosmopolitan magazine that addressed another issue regarding plastic water bottles.

Here is some of that information:

“According to research, if you re-use a plastic water bottle you are basically licking your toilet seat or your dog’s water bowl.”

“According to Treadmills Reviews, tested refilled water bottles used by an athlete for a week, found over 313,000 Colony Forming Units (CFU) per square centimeter on average, making this more bacteria than your own toilet seat.”

“But that’s not all.  As well as the fact that it is disgustingly unhygienic, Good Housekeeping discovered there are a bunch of nasty chemicals from the plastic which get released as it breaks down from frequent use.

“If you are getting sick often, this could be the problem.”

“Research also found that a whopping 60% of the germs found on re-used water bottles are capable of making  you sick.”

“The worst part of the bottle – the cap and spout, right where you put your mouth, allowing all those germs to get right in.”

“Bacteria related to skin diseases, pneumonia, and blood poisoning were present.  Mid workout you think you are getting healthier and instead, you are getting sicker.”

Don’s note:  So, what should athletes and all the rest of us do?  If you must use plastic water bottles, use the bottle once and recycle.  A better solution would be to use a stainless steel bottle and fill it with filtered water from your home drinking water filter.

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Then consider the water filter I use, which is Multipure International.

These filters have been manufactured at Las Vegas, Nevada for the past over 40 years.  It is a wonderful company and their filtration products are certified by NSF.

There are under counter models and counter top models.  You will love the taste.  Be assured that this filter removes the widest range of contaminants.

And yes, Multipure has stainless steel water bottles

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Yes, I receive a commission when you buy from Multipure.

Thanks for reading and your interest in the health and safety of your family.  And make it a great day.

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