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Contaminants in Drinking Water

In most of my previous posts I have been writing about contaminants in our drinking water, how they get there, what health concern they cause and what is government and industry are doing to keep us safe.

Flint, Michigan Recent Example of Serious Water Contamination

I have reported about the many incidents, including serious drinking water crises around the U.S.  The most recent crisis that affected citizen consumers that you probably are aware of is in Flint, Michigan.  People in Flint, Michigan are yet to know the full health effects of the lead contamination of their drinking water.

The Usual Most Likely Victims

As usual, children, pregnant mothers, the elderly and those with weaker immune systems are most likely to have adverse health effects due to lead consumption.  Health issues may well show up in children years after being contaminated.

Civil and Criminal Actions

Government and industry are still working on the Flint water supply system and civil and criminal actions will probably go on for a few more years.

Following drinking water contamination incidents such as Flint, the government nearly always recommends that consumers filter their drinking water.

U.S. President’s Response to Flint Crisis

President Obama visited Flint and had a photo op of him drinking a glass of filtered water shortly following the incident.  His cancer panel has studied water and its effects on the public health.  Drinking water in the U.S. is generally very good as it comes from the tap.  Nevertheless, the president’s cancer panel recommended that all people filter their drinking water at the point of use, usually our kitchen sink.

The Answer – Drinking Water Filters

Many of my recent posts have encouraged all readers to look into purchasing a quality drinking water filter for your family.  I want to repeat that encouragement here and now.

There are many good products on the market.  I have told you about my experience, both as an FBI Agent investigating violations of the “Clean Water” and “Safe Drinking Water Acts,” then my family’s personal experience with water that tasted awful as it came from the tap.

My Choice of Filter

I investigated water contamination and filters on the market.  I chose one that met my criteria of effective, efficient, cost effective, and certified by an organization not affiliated with the manufacturer.

The filter I found is manufactured in Las Vegas, Nevada by a company that has been manufacturing and marketing water filters for over 40 years.  I looked into the company and was pleasantly surprised that it is a family owned and founded

I found the company and representatives readily available when I had questions.  They and their representatives are happy to provide support.

I learned about the quality and effectiveness of their products.  Perhaps most important, the company and its products are certified to do what the company, product labeling and literature says they do.

The certification is by NSF and is huge.  NSF is an independent testing and certification firm operating throughout the U.S.  I have written about NSF previously and will continue to

(This image pictured is of the filter with housing model I chose.  Actual size is about the size of a regulation football, and attaches under my kitchen sink, taking very little space.)

mention them as I write about water filers.

Multipure International

The company I found is Multipure International.  As I mention above, Multipure is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and has been manufacturing and marketing filtration products from there for over 42 years now.

Multipure is a great company and great to do business with and will do everything possible to make sure the customer consumer is satisfied and happy with the product they select.

I love my Multipure.   I hope you sign up for my free mini course on the right side of this page.  Or, you can go straight to my personal Multipure website where you can look around, see the products, check out the science behind the filters and a lot more.  Then, if you would like some help in choosing the best filter for you, just contact me and I will be happy to help.  Or, just find one and order right on my website.

Be an independent distributor for Multipure International

I like my multipure filter and the company so much I decided I have to market these products and tell others about them.  I am now an independent distributor for Multipure and am part of the marketing program.

When you taste the water from your Multipure filter and know it is the cleanest and safest you can drink, you will probably want to tell others and let them sample your water.  You can get paid for referring others if you decide to become a distributor as I did.  But, that is strictly up to you.



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