Perfluorinated Chemicals (PFCs) Found in Security, Colorado drinking water

Security, Colorado is just south of Colorado Springs.  The water system there serves about 80,000 customers and is just one of 63 areas nationwide where  chemicals, widely used to fight petroleum fires, have been measured at levels the EPA deems dangerous.

This is was reported in an article in the Denver Post authored by Bruce Finley.

I explained some about these chemicals in my previous article.

Probably not many people have heard of perfluorinated cemicals (PFCs) unless they have been victimized by this chemical silently and invisibly invading your drinking water.

I have used the analogy of burglaries before, but it pretty well nails most of us when it comes to things that affect us negatively.  It is that most people don’t think much about home burglary until someone they know has been burglarized.  Then they may consider a burglar alarm and other security.

Contaminants in our drinking water are much like burglars.  They invade our homes uninvited and unseen and cause harm by affecting our health.  The difference though, is huge.  A filter bypasses the alarm stage and directly and immediately filters the contaminant from our drinking water, or reduces it without our knowing.  It is like a police officer ready to apprehend the burglar before he enters and does his harm.

When drinking water is invaded by serious contaminants, consumers then begin realizing they should have a water filter (home security).

The Post article pointed out that PFCs rank among the worst in an expanding multitude of unregulated contaminants that federal scientists are detecting in city water supplies, including hormones, pesticides, antibiotics and anti-depressants.  PFCs do not break down, and boiling water will not get rid of them.

The article identifies a military airfield as being the primary suspect by Colorado health investigators as a point where the chemicals seeped into the Fountain Creek watershed north of Widefield, Fountain and Security, Colorado.

It has reached a point where the water in all 32 of the “Security Water and Sanitation District’s” municipal wells is contaminated with PFCs at levels exceeding an EPA health advisory limit of 70 parts per trillion.  At one well, PFCs have hit 1,370 ppt, federal data show – nearly 20 times higher than the limit.

EPA officials recommended that pregnant women and small children should not drink the water.

Some wells have been shut down and customers have been notified their water is contaminated with chemicals linked to cancer and other ailments.

Otherwise, it is business as usual.  Some residents have switched to bottled water.   No official entity has offered nor agreed to requests for financial help for consumers.

Remember, it is not just the water that comes to consumer homes.  The same water is supplied to restaurants, bars, cafes, schools, and hospitals.

Again, because of the relative long half life (the time it takes for 50% of the chemical to disappear) means it will take some time for health officials to determine just what effect they have on human health.

Colorado Department of Public Health officials are working with the Air Force to find out where PFCs are entering water.

My recommendation is that anyone who has been advised their drinking water has been invaded with PFCs, or any other chemical, microbial agent and other contaminant of health concern, should purchase a quality Solid Carbon Block Filter that has been certified by the NSF.

That is your best protection.  Look into purchasing one now, BEFORE there is a contamination issue.  KEEP YOUR FAMILY SAFE.

Please consider the filter I use and love.  It is a Multipure solid carbon block filter, manufactured at Las Vegas, Nevada for the past 40 plus years and is certified by the NSF to remove or reduce the widest range of contaminants.

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