President Theodore Roosevelt

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If you have been reading my previous articles  and have signed up for my free mini course (on the right side of this blog), you are probably ready to purchase a drinking water filter.

It will be one of the best purchase you can make.

Today, I am giving you a break from “filter talk.”

Theodore Roosevelt is one of my favorite persons in U.S. history.

He, of course, held elected positions of Governor of New York, Vice President of the U.S. and President of the U.S.

He was an explorer, naturalist, soldier and statesman.  He served as 26th President of the United States.  He was regarded by many scholars as one of the greatest U.S. presidents.  His face is carved on Mount Rushmore alongside those of Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln.

I saw these” Rooseveltisms” in the New York Times this morning and thought I would pass them along to my readers.   Hope you enjoy them.

“115 years ago, Vice President Roosevelt gave us one of the most famous entries in our national canon:”

“Speak softly and carry a big stick,”  “he said at the Minnesota State Fair, using a day in the heartland to help define a new role for Washington in the world.”

“As Governor of New York, Roosevelt had used similar words in a letter to a friend, as he explained how he forced the state’s Republican leaders to abandon their support for a corrupt insurance commissioner.

Roosevelt attributed the phrase, which came to refer to U.S. dominance, to a proverb he learned while on a safari in Africa.

“He also added ‘bully pulpit, ‘muck raker’ and ‘loose cannon’ to our civic lingo.

‘Lunatic fringe’ was his characterization of a group of avant-garde artists before it migrated to political patois.”

“Speaking more softly, Roosevelt gave us ‘Alice Blue,’ a tint named after his daughter Alice, and inspired ‘teddy bear,’ after a toy maker was moved by the president’s refusal to shoot a cub on a hunting trip.”

“And the term ‘Whiter House?’  That was his too.  It was known as the Executive Mansion until he moved in.”

President Roosevelt, as part of his platform promised pure food and drugs, among other things.

I believe President Roosevelt would be all over the clean water issue today.  I believe he would be an advocate for filtering drinking water for the safety of citizens.  That is just my personal belief.

Why not do a little research (right here on this blog) and consider adding drinking water filtration for your household health needs.

Begin by signing up for my free mini course on this very subject.

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