Solid Carbon Block Filters – 2

My last report was about the wonderful effectiveness of the “Solid Carbon Block” filter for removing or reducing the widest range of contaminants.

That report was a little lengthy, and I wanted to make sure you did not miss some of the important points about this amazing filter.

Let me say that “Solid Carbon Block” is not a brand or proprietary.  It is a technology that was first developed by Multipure International back in the 70s.  Several other companies now use the technology.

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is often a highly recommended technology for filtering drinking water.  Activated carbon is effective and used in some smaller filters such as  pour through and some others.

Activated carbon is the primary raw material used in solid carbon block filters.

Activated carbon is effective in reducing disinfection by products.  Government water suppliers use disinfection chemicals such as chlorine to remove biological contaminants and clean the water before it is delivered to consumers.

That chlorine comes to our kitchen faucets and can be harmful to consume.  Chlorine is not difficult to remove, but many do not.

Activated Carbon is also effective in reducing Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs), PCBs, MTBE, and more.

Solid Carbon Block Carbon

The reason solid carbon block filters are more effective is that the activated carbon is formed into very dense, compacted solid carbon blocks.

These blocks have a large surface area for better adsorption.  Because, the block is very dense, water contact with the filter is longer creating greater adsorption and filtration.

Adsorption is Different than Absorption

How Multipure Solid Carbon Block Filters Work

Multipure uses a system known as adsorption that refers to the transfer of substances (gas, liquid, dissolved metals) to another surface.

Absorption refers to the incorporation of a gas, liquid or solid into another gas, liquid or solid.

Multipure uses adsorption to transfer contaminants onto the surface of the filter, thus removing them from the water stream.  Clean, pure water free of or contamination reduced water comes to your tap.

Solid Carbon Block filters are the way to go.  There are several out there to choose from.

I believe I have chosen the most efficient and effective carbon block filter, the one developed by Multipure International in the 1970s.  This company has been in continual business since about 1970 at Las Vegas, Nevada.

I decided to become an independent distributor for this company and their products.  I want to help consumers understand drinking water contamination and how to keep families safe.

Please sign up for my FREE mini course and become more  informed about the assault on our drinking water.

If you want to see the products and learn about Multipure International, you can do so through my Multipure website

You can contact me here or through my Multipure website and I will be very happy to help you with a filter choice, or answer any question you may have about your drinking water.

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