Too Much Contamination – Too Little Reporting – 2

Too Much Contamination – Too Little Reporting -2

Yesterday I referred to A New York Times article by Jacey Fortin.

As I began writing, I strayed from the article and gave some of my own thoughts on the subject.  Not wanting to leave you with a longer report, I decided to break it into 2 parts.  Here is more of Mr. Fortin’s article on contamination in drinking water with too little reporting.

Don’s note:  There appears to be an increasing number of similar studies and reports that should cause more of us to pay a little more attention to our drinking water.

My primary agenda in providing this information to  you, the reader, is to encourage more people to take a greater interest in the health and safety of your family when it comes to drinking water.

Mr. Fortin’s article:  “If you live in the U.S. there is nearly a one-in-four chance your water is either unsafe to drink or has not been properly monitored for contaminants in accordance with federal law, a new study has found.”

“In 2015, nearly 77 million Americans lived in places where the water systems were in some violation of safety regulations, including the 1974 ‘Safe Drinking Water Act.’  This is according to a report released on Tuesday from the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC), a New York based environmental advocacy group.”

“It’s not only that some tap water has high levels of lead, nitrates, arsenic or other pollutants, said Mae Wu, a Sr. Attorney with the Council’s health program.  It is too often a lack of reporting means residents cannot be sure whether their drinking water is contaminated, or not.”

“The issue is not new; tap water safety violations across the U.S. have been reported again and again and again.  The new study is an attempt to tell the big picture story, Ms. Wu said, as a backup to the piecemeal reports coming out of towns and cities across the country.”

Don’s note:  I am not interested in any agenda, political or otherwise, except providing information to help consumers better arm themselves with information that will keep them safe.

A goal of mine is to sift through so much information out there and provide the most educational and helpful information (in my opinion) that I can.

Not all tap water is unsafe, but it is true, according to my research, that drinking water supplies in many areas of the country do have, or have experienced, in the past, high levels of dangerous contaminants.

The most effective way to protect your family from actual and potential drinking water dangerous contamination issues, is with an in home water filtration system.

This is not just my opinion, rather the recommendation from health and medical experts, government officials, scientists and just about everyone who studies drinking water.

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