Utility Cannot Filter Out This Dangerous Toxin

This information appeared in the Wilmington, North Carolina Star News.  Article by Vaughn Hagerty on June 7, 2017 entitled “Toxin Taints CFPUA Drinking Water:

The utility cannot filter out a chemical produced upriver at a Fayetteville plant.

“A chemical replacement for a key ingredient in TEFLON is linked to cancer and a host of other ailments has been found in  drinking water system of the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority (CFPUA), which cannot filter it.”

“Known commercially as GenX, the contaminating compound is made by the Chemous Company at Fayetteville Works along the Cape Fear River upstream from Wilmington.”

“Other water systems likely have GenX as well.  Professor Detlef Knappe, a professor at North Carolina State University and one of the researchers who traced the toxin from Fayetteville to Wilmington estimates that ‘about 250,000 people are affected in 3 counties.'”

Don’s note:  There appears to no end to contamination reports around the U.S.  I try to follow up on some of these incidents I tell you about.

Usually, once widely reported and consumers are affected, the issue is addressed and resolved, as I am sure this one will be.

As I have said before,  most of the contamination issues affecting consumers are not intentional.  Some are carelessness, some are natural, no preventive precautions, and sometimes intentional.

Whatever the cause, we, the consumer are affected and sometimes injured and worse.

Filtering our water at home appears to be the best protection against these contamination incidents.

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