Water As A Weapon – Part 2

Hello again, Don here,

I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to share some of the information I have gleaned over the years about our water, to encourage friends, and readers of this blog, to learn about the water that is coming into their homes.

It began, for me, when I was an FBI Agent and, for a time,  investigated criminal violations of environmental laws, including the “Clean Water Act.”

There have been, and continue to be, so many water contamination crises.  I will highlight some of them going forward for you, as they may be closer to you than you know.

Thank you for your interest, and for those I have spoken with and who are now filtering their water.  Good for you.

But, now, let’s continue talking about water as a weapon.

Many people want to do right and take responsibility for their and their family’s health and safety by investigating their public supplied drinking water.

But, I understand the real and practical world.  I understand that most people are busy with jobs, family, church and other activities.  Most people are satisfied that the water in their area and coming into their home is clean and safe to drink.

And, mostly they are right.

You are probably aware that there have been many accidental contamination crises around the U.S..  There have also been deliberate, criminal acts that endanger our drinking water.

Acts of terror may not be predictable.  We have marvelous local and federal agencies who have effective intelligence networks.  I know that several intended terror acts have been prevented.

But, that is now.  We cannot be sure about tomorrow.

We can be sure that the bad guys want to hurt us any way they can.  Water is our most important natural resource.  It is life.  It doesn’t take much of a leap to know that water will be on the list of potential targets.

Our law enforcement and intelligence agencies are watchful, but we should be also.  These days we cannot afford to be lax in our vigilance.

It is not our job to look for terrorists, but we can protect our own water the best we can.

Whether it is terror or something else, let’s protect our family from contaminated water.  You can begin by purchasing a quality water filter for your home and/or business.

I like to say that if you want to make the world a safer place, begin by making yourself and your family safe.

I read somewhere that no one wants a burglar alarm until someone we know is burglarized.

When we think we have done all we can, know that there is always something else we can do.

Let us all take care, literally.  Whether it is water as a weapon, a natural event, a mistake (as in Flint, Michigan), intentional dumping and contamination, or deteriorating infrastructure, we can make a difference; you and I.

We cannot assume that terrorists and others are not considering our water sources and delivery systems as targets.  We should assume they are doing so.

Let’s be proactive in our family safety in any and every way we can.

We will talk again soon.  Thanks for reading.


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