What Are Perfluorinated Chemicals (PFCs)

What Are Perfluorinated Chemicals?

And how do they effect human health?

I am past being surprised when I read about another drinking water contamination issue somewhere in the U.S.

There are plenty of them to learn about for someone like me who is interested in and has a passion for informing people about these incidents and what we can do to protect our families from unforeseen contamination incidents.

Some are so egregious, seriously affecting many consumers that they are well reported in the news.  Think Flint, Michigan for a more recent such crisis.

There are many more that are more regional and may not have the immediate health effects that lead, for example, has on our health.

Our problem is these incidents are so widespread and not foreseen that many people are not prepared and end up having to purchase bottled water when an incident happens.

Our society is progressing, partly because of advances in chemistry and industry.  As new chemicals and other toxic substances are discovered and provide a tangible benefit to mankind, there is an unseen danger that is not known or completely understood at the onset.

The problem to our health comes when these substances are introduced into the environment, through the air, water or food.

My goal has been to help consumers know how they can prepare one time and have greater peace of mind they are doing the best for their families.  I want to encourage people to at least be informed that contamination issues are out there.

My solution is a very simple one.  FILTER YOUR DRINKING WATER!

Many people feel that because the water coming from the tap tastes okay, and knowing that the government and industry are looking out for us, we are okay as we are.

Generally, this is probably true.  Many drink water filtered by refrigerator filters, or pour through filters. (When was the last time you changed that filter?)

My Solution

My solution is simple, yet far more effective, and we can be sure we are doing what we can to protect our families.

What is my solution?  Purchase a “Carbon Block Filter” system that has been certified by NSF.

So, What are PFCs and Why am I Mentioning Them Now?

Whenever I see an attack of contaminants on drinking water near my home, I take special notice.

This incident happened in the Colorado Springs area town of Security, Colorado.  It involves the chemical referred to as Perfluorinated Chemicals or PFCs.

Most of us don’t know exactly what they are, but if they are associated with the environment, air, food and water, you know right away PFCs are probably not good for us if consumed.

As the name implies PFCs are a group of chemicals, in this case manufactured compounds that are widely used to make everyday products such as stain and grease resistant materials.  They can be used to keep food from sticking to cookware.

PFCs are used in a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, construction, electronics and more.  They are very helpful in American industry and help make our lives easier.

As you might imagine, PFCs are not meant for human consumption in any form.

There is not yet a lot of research on PFCs  to fully understand the health effects on human exposure.  One of the  ways people are exposed to these chemicals is by drinking PFC contaminated water.

You have probably heard of “half life” of a substance.  Half life refers to the amount of time it takes for 50% of the chemical to leave the human body.

For some chemicals this half life is several years.  This slow elimination time makes it difficult to determine the effects on human health.  More research is needed.

In my next article I will talk more about PFCs, what happened in Security, Colorado and the concern the incident caused among people who are also asking what are PFCs and why are they in my drinking water?

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