Your Guide to Safe, Clean Drinking Water

I began this blog because I have a passion for learning about drinking water issues in the U.S. and informing consumers of issues that affect health and aesthetics (taste, odor, clarity).

Many people will be surprised about the aesthetics effect.  But, I had a personal experience that made it clear to me that taste is a big issue, at least for me.

My family lived in a large metropolitan area (suburbs) for a few years. We moved there after having lived in Montana and Colorado where our water always tasted great.

The first thing I noticed in this new area was the horrible tasting water from the tap.  I began exploring alternatives and learned about filtration.  I also learned about contaminants and recalled my FBI investigative experience, chemical and microbial contaminants enter our water supply from many sources.

Of course, as a federal investigator I was mainly focused on illegal polluting activities, of which there was much.  Together, these experiences led me to look more into drinking water contamination.

If you have read my previous articles about contaminants invading our drinking water supply, making some ill, you can see that our water supply still has its problems.

Casual readers of the news, and those paying any attention to what is happening in this country, have seen serious health issues arise from an unseen enemy that comes into our homes in the drinking water we rely on to be clean and safe.

For the most part our drinking water in this country is perfectly safe.  The more than 50,000 water treatment plants and suppliers are doing an outstanding job in keeping us safe and providing a quality drinking water.

But things happen.  Accidental contamination, deliberate contamination, mistakes, natural disasters, sabotage, agriculture run-offs, and more attacks to guard against.

I enjoy this research and learning.  I also feel a passion for informing others.

I realize that most people are very busy and many assume their drinking water is safe and they are protected by laws, regulations, and watchdog organizations.  They often don’t give their drinking water a lot of thought.

Most have a refrigerator filter, or pitcher pour through filter and feel protected.

Others rely on bottled water.

I have articles here on filters and much more.  I will be re-visiting these solutions and give you my belief and understanding, through study and research.

The bottom line is that most health experts, medical people, even the U.S. President’s cancer panel, and yours truly, highly recommend purchasing a quality filter for your home, business and wherever you receive your water.

I have also written about the special needs for those who get their drinking water from a home well.  I will re-visit these issues in the coming days.

In the meantime, please sign up for my FREE mini course that covers all of these issues.  You will learn a lot through 1-3 page mini lessons.  You will receive a short lesson every other day for about two weeks.

I think you will also enjoy them.


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